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Investor Relations Action Plan

Tangent Management Corp. believes that the essence of investor relations is "closing the information gap" between the company and the investment community by providing the investment community with the information that describes why our clients represent favourable investments.

The main delivery systems of investor relations include such communications materials as annual and interim reports, fact sheets, newsletters, advertising, multimedia items (i.e. CD ROMS) and the Internet, as well as direct contact, in the form of either one to one or group meetings.

The challenge of investor relations is to evaluate each marketing opportunity intelligently in terms of the company's strategic goals and their own budget resources.

Seven Audiences

Tangent Management Corp. targets seven audiences in the investment community. We target the key members of each audience and consistently communicate with them to achieve awareness and interest in our clients.



Investor Relations

Contact with retail brokers, institutional investors, fund managers, stock analysts and individual investors to generate awareness about our clients and their product/services.


Media Relations

Direct contact with business, trade, financial and consumer press to generate awareness and secure feature stories about our clients and their products/services.


Corporate Finance


Event Management

Organizing logistics of conference calls and road show presentation:

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